Carl Zeiss Integration with Medical Wizard

Carl Zeiss FORUM database is a comprehensive Ophthalmology database that enables the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists to access a host of ophthalmology related diagnostic data and reports that are created from various connected devices/test processes.

However, as this is an independent database, it requires the patient details and worklists to be created manually by the users. In addition, when the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists want to access this data, they need to search for the specific patient in the FORUM database before they can access the required patient records.

The Medical Wizard - FORUM link solves these issues. This is achieved by:  

1. Automatic Patient Data and Worklists Upload to FORUM database
As the patients are checked in, the FORUM patient database and worklists are automatically updated, avoiding the Optometrists having to key in patient data and worklists manually. As the data is automatically uploaded to the FORUM database, there is no chance of typing mismatches to cause discrepancies between FORUM and Medical Wizard patient databases.

2. Automatic Importing of PDF reports and diagnostic images from FORUM database
As the images are captured from FORUM database connected devices, the images are automatically imported into Medical Wizard. Any finalised reports are also imported automatically into Medical Wizard. These images are and reports can be viewed inside the Medical Wizard Clinical module together with all other clinical information in Medical Wizard.

3. Ability to directly open the relevant Patient record in FORUM database via the Medical Wizard Clinical module
While you are able to view the reports and images imported from the FORUM database inside Medical Wizard Clinical module, if you need to analyse the images and access the wide variety of analytical and diagnostic tools in the FORUM database, you can do this easily and precisely from within the Medical Wizard Clinical module. The patient selected in the Clinical module is opened in the FORUM database enabling you to access the full functionality of the FORUM database for the selected patient.

All these features save staff time and improve accuracy of data while helping you to improve the service and quality of patient care at your practice.

The time and cost saved in data entry and checking process and the quick and easy availability of information during a busy clinic are the two key points why our clients love this integration.

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