Medical Wizard's Journey
A Digital Partner of Australian Healthcare Since 1994...

Medical Wizard was developed based on extensive research and user feedback received from many specialist practitioners, surgeons, physicians, practice managers, medical receptionists, nurses and other stakeholders for close to 30 years, with the mission of bringing about the transformation of Australian Healthcare towards an EMR era.

Our product was developed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Day Surgeries/Hospitals and Specialist Suites, and we've established ourselves as a leading solution known for its progressiveness and customisability.

Since our inception in 1994, we have earned an enviable reputation and track record for providing progressive customisable digital EMR solutions to Day Hospitals and Specialist Suites, which, combined with our outstanding team of industry veterans, empowers us to empower you by providing a complete EMR solution and service dedicated to Australian Day Surgeries/Hospitals, and Specialist Suites across Australia.

medical wizard users

1000+ Daily Users

With over a thousand dedicated users logging into Medical Wizard every day, our experienced team provide the means to ensure you spend time attending to work and less time on support calls. But our friendly team is always up for a chat (even about the footy or the hottest recipe) whenever the need arises. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our users.

medical wizard clients

150+ Medical Centres

We provide solutions to over 150 leading private hospitals and specialist medical centre's. We are based in Melbourne, and our users are spread across Australia in every state and territory. This is a testament to the great client-service provider relationship we have fostered by being in this industry for more than 25 years.

Medical Wizard Experience

25+ Years Of Experience

With nearly 30 years of experience and a team of 30+ experts. We make sure we support all our users, no matter what the size of the practice is. Our mission is to build solutions and services that make Australian healthcare the best in the World.

Our Mission

As an organisation, and as individuals, we deeply care about the community, environment and global society. We are committed to putting forth our time and services to assist in improving the future for those who are in need.​

We strive to collaborate with individuals and other organisations that are committed to providing free care and medical services to people in need, by donating our products and services to achieve their objectives.

We believe that all children should be afforded the same opportunity to thrive that our children enjoy. To this end we continue to sponsor children in underprivileged countries.​

In our commitment to the environment we actively work to minimise paper consumption, internally and externally. We provide products and services to our clients that enable them to drastically reduce paper usage. Within our own business, we actively promote the paperless model.