July 4, 2024
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Specifications For Revisions To The VAED For 2024-25

Medical Wizard Team

This post covers the important updates in line with the Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) revisions for 2024-25. These changes are necessary to meet the new requirement of recording the patient's sex at birth and gender separately.

You can view the changes to specifications here.

What’s Changing?

To accommodate these revisions, we have updated the patient and appointment screens:

Patient Screen

The existing "Sex" field has been renamed to "Sex at Birth," with values: Male, Female, and other terms. A new "Gender" field has been added next to "Sex at Birth" with values: Man, boy, or male; Woman, girl, or female; Non-binary; Different term; Prefer not to answer; Not stated.

Appointment Screen

Similar updates have been applied to ensure consistency across all records. Both fields are now mandatory to fill as per the new specifications. For existing patients, their current information will be matched to the new values at the reporting time.

Next Steps (For Clients)

Please inform all users of Medical Wizard at your practice about this change. The updates will begin rolling out next week.

Our Product Team, will reach out to you a day before the rollout date. If you need to schedule the update for a specific date, please let them know. Thank you for your cooperation.

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