July 1, 2024
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My Health Record Is Now Available With Medical Wizard

Duminda Weerakoon

COO & Co-Founder

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of My Health Record functionality in our Medical Wizard Clinical and Billing solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of medical/surgical Specialists and small to medium-size private hospitals.

The new features of Medical Wizard - My Health Record enables the users to consume their preferred documents and views available on My Health Record and also enables the users to easily upload specialist letters, discharge summaries and prescriptions to My Health Record.

As a dedicated software solution for specialists, when we set about incorporating My Health Record into Medical Wizard, our design goal was absolutely focused on the needs of the Specialists and how we could most seamlessly provide the fantastic benefits offered by My Health Record within Medical Wizard.

By automating many of the data/document retrieval processes of My Health Record, documents are readily accessible when the Specialists view the patient record without having to wait for documents to download or having to navigate through multiple screens to get to My Health Record documents. My Health Record documents and standard clinical documents are presented in the same page with clear identification of different documents types. This results in significant time savings and creates a truly integrated and immersive experience that can improve patient care and prevent user fatigue.

Additionally, Medical Wizard enables specialists to select their preferences for uploads and downloads, saving them having to manually upload and download documents to meet their exact needs.

All uploads automatically respect the privacy and personal preference of the individual patient as well.

Medical Wizard's seamless integration with My Health Record will empower Specialists to take their paperless practice to another level without any disruption or change to their daily workflow.

Please contact Duminda on 03 9888 2555 or via email sales@medicalwizard.com.au or online at www.medicalwizard.com.au to find out how you too can benefit from the integrated My Health Record functionality in Medical Wizard.

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