Medicare web services by Medical Wizard

December 6, 2021

What are Medicare Web Services?

Medicare is upgrading their legacy electronic claiming technology (Eclipse), to a new set of web based services. Web services are a technology which enables secure communication between the web enabled devices of our clients (you)  and the Medicare Claiming servers. These new services are intended to improve security and functionality for our users of digital health claiming channels provided by Medicare and Health funds.

A team of 6 developers from Medical Wizard are working closely with the Medicare Web Services team, in implementing this new functionality into Medial Wizard in time for it to be ready before the cutoff date of 13th March 2022.

From 13 March 2022,  in order to access the following digital health channels, Medicare web services will be required.

• Medicare Online, including Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

• Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

• Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Online


• Aged Care Web Services

Medicare is also upgrading their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by  introducing a new authentication system called, Provider Digital Access (PRODA). All service providers, health professionals, specialists consulting suites,  hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to register with PRODA. We will include links to the PRODA website and other relevant sites for you to check at the end of this bulletin. We have also included a section called "What is PRODA ?" if you would like to know more information.  




Medical Wizard Preparation for Medicare Web Services


At present, a team of experienced developers are working almost round the clock in developing the connectivity to Medicare web services. The new claiming system improves on the previous Eclipse system in many respects.

We expect to be compliant with the new system in the new year so that you are able to use this new system, with a smooth transition when the previous Eclipse system phase out process begins.

Your Part in the Play

Sit back and relax, our team will take care of the rest!

In case you receive an email or a mail regarding Medicare web services, PKI's or PRODA, please contact us at 0398882555 or email

Our team will guide you through and do the needful.

What is PRODA?

Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is a Service Australia developed, online individual organization verification and authentication solution. It provides secure access to a variety of government online services for professionals.

PRODA will be used in combination with web services to allow users to authenticate and access digital health and aged care channels in a secure manner.

You must validate your identification online using a minimum of three recognized Australian Government issued identity documents to register for an individual PRODA account. If you don't have the relevant papers or they can't be verified online, a form will be presented for you to fill out and submit to the PRODA Helpdesk for verification.

The organization name and Australian Business Number (ABN) must be correct and active on the Australian Business Register (ABR), and your individual PRODA account name must match a stated Associate or Authorised Contact for that ABN on the ABR to register an organisation in PRODA. You'll need to add and link the service providers you want to use to your PRODA account once you've registered your organization.


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