2021 Spring Newsletter

December 6, 2021


Support hours Extended!

Medical Wizard now support inquiries from 8:00am to 7:00pm AEDT.


My Health Record


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My Health Record with Medical Wizard

My Health Record is now incorporated into Medical Wizard with the focus on the needs of the Specialists and how we could most seamlessly provide the fantastic benefits offered by My Health Record within Medical Wizard.

By automating many of the data/document retrieval processes of My Health Record, documents are readily accessible when the Specialists view the patient record without having to wait for documents to download or having to navigate through multiple screens to get to My Health Record documents. My Health Record documents and standard clinical documents are presented on the same page with clear identification of different documents types. This results in significant time savings and creates a truly integrated and immersive experience that can improve patient care and prevent user fatigue.

Additionally, Medical Wizard enables specialists to select their preferences for uploads and downloads, saving them having to upload manually and download documents to meet their exact needs. All uploads automatically respect the privacy and personal preference of the individual patient as well.

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Introducing e-Prescriptions for Medical Wizard

During past 2 years, digital heath services has been significantly growing. Medical Wizard recognized this spark early on and set out to introduce many services to facilitate this transformation.

In line with this, we are pleased to announce that Medical Wizard is now fully accredited by the Australian Digital Health Agency to provide the full functionality of e-prescription services to our clients.

ePrescribing services enable specialists to provide their patient with an electronic prescription via a SMS or an email. With this facility, you no longer need to print or post any paper based prescriptions to your patients. The rapid development of ePrescriptions feature in Medical Wizard was a result of our efforts to empower our clients to connect and communicate with patients easily and safely.

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What is Medical Wizard's
Secure document sending?

Medical wizard's secure document sending is another exciting innovation that debuted this spring. This allows clinicians to transmit encrypted documents straight from Medical Wizard to patients without the need for any third-party software or services.

This eliminates complications that arise with other options, such as manually encrypting and sending emails to patients. This also reduces the possibility of human error in the process. With a few mouse clicks, our clients may safely and in compliance with privacy standards, send documents to patients.

Theatre App



Medicare Webservices

A team of 4 experienced developers are working almost round the clock in developing the connectivity to welcome the latest electronic claiming system introduced by Medicare. The new claiming system improves on the previous Eclipse system in many respects.

We expect to be complaint with the new system in the new year so that you are able to use this new system, with a smooth transition when the previous Eclipse system phase out process begins.


Tip For The Season

When a pre payment needs to be taken for multiple accounts (For hospital, Anesthetist and Doctor etc.), instead of having to create different receipts for each charging account one by one, you can now just do it in one go.

  1. Select the Appointment.
  2. Click "Pre Pay" (next to labels)
  3. Add Amounts the way receipts needs to be created.
  4. Click "Create Receipts".

*Please note that this is a new feature.

Contact our support team to update your system


Patient Portal


The New Faces in Medical Wizard Office

Over the last winter, we welcomed 7 new faces to our team. here's some trivia we found while getting to know them

Isuru, UI/UX Designer & QA Officer, man of many talents both in IT and music - He is the guitarist of the bunch.

Lihini, Medical Billing Assistant, She loves dogs and rabbits. Soft spoken and a silent achiever

Shas, Trainee Customer IT Support Specialist L1/Marketing Coordinator, She is an activist, passionate advocate for all causes she believes in and an avid book reader.

Chamari, Trainer/Software Support Analyst, She was once with Medical Wizard 13 years ago! also meanwhile she worked in a hospital that uses Medical Wizard for 11 years

Asanka, Full Stack Developer, He enjoys travelling. Fluent in many programming languages and let his work do the talking.

Pasan, Full Stack Developer, He loves cricket and chess. A developer with confidence based on his own talent and knowledge.

Leonard, Dev OPS & QA Engineer, He is secretly a panda.

With these additions we are excited for many new initiatives to see the light at Medical Wizard.

See You in Summer

We always welcome feedback and suggestions so please ring us on 03 9888 2555 during business hours, or drop us an email any time at support@medicalwizard.com.au if you would like to share your thoughts.