Support and Care - Wherever You Are.

We are only a phone call away from solving your problem. Talk to our team of friendly experts who will take the time and effort to guide you through any support issues you may encounter.

Remote assistance gives users the opportunity to sit back, relax and watch while one of our experts works on your computer. No need to wait for staff to arrive on-site or spend hours explaining confusing problems over the phone. Simply, sit back, while we Log-in and resolve the issue. It's like having an expert by your side all the time.

Highly Customisable and Adaptable - By Design.

We are always happy to discuss any changes that you may require. Don't talk to answering machines or fill forms, our developers are always willing to discuss improvements to Medical Wizard software to increase your productivity.

Also, If we identify a problem that has escaped our stringent testing criteria, we will fix it as soon as practicable and follow up with an update.​

Thanks to the flexibility, built into the design of our software, we are able to make custom changes to the report layouts and document templates for individual clients without affecting other clients.

Paperless Office - At Your Own Pace.

We believe, a paperless office is not an end in itself but rather an on-going journey. Our goal is to continually enhance our system with features to support you in reducing your dependence on paper based documents, and where possible, to eliminate the use of paper from most tasks.

Our Development Team is constantly working on new and innovative solutions to provide you with the tools that will make your practice a success.

Consult - Our Expertise At Your Service.

We have experienced and dedicated professionals keen to take the time to visit you and provide the solution that suits your needs. We take the time to listen and understand our clients, to ensure that we are providing the solution that meets your requirements, not the solution that meets the requirements of the masses.

With each new client, we undertake a thorough consultative process to ensure that we understand their business thoroughly before we begin implementing the solution at their site.

Discuss - Evolve Your Ideas Into Features.

We are always interested in listening to you and your ideas, whether you're a Doctor, Practice Manager, or IT Provider. We pride ourselves on being a team always open to suggestions and seeking the latest innovations.

Training - On-Site or Online, Your Choice.

We believe that training is a vital component of any software. We will provide you with targeted training, online or on-site, whichever suits the needs of you and your staff.