Medical Wizard for Doctors

We have designed our clinical module to empower you to practice medicine your way. You can complete progress notes using pen and paper, write on pre-barcoded documents, use our computer-based handwriting tools or type your notes directly using auto text and flexible pull-down menus.

Doctors Appreciate:

  • Electronic records - Instant secure access from anywhere in the World
  • Integrated modules allow staff and Doctors to access data concurrently and communicate with each other without sticky notes and phone calls
  • Template driven progress notes customised for each Doctor
  • Easy to use tools to efficiently manage incoming pathology results, typed documents etc
  • Ability to utilise speech recognition functionality to record progress notes and letters
  • Barcode labelled progress note sheets, that enable the Doctor to write notes without a computer and still have the notes automatically imported to patient histories
Medical Wizard Apps for Doctors

Manage comprehensive clinical records and gain access to advanced features such as point and click report writing, pathology results management and image capture.

  • Clinical EMR/EHR
  • Scribewiz Endoscopy Report Writer
  • Image Capture
  • Patient Portal
  • Referral & Lead Management
More Information

Access all relevant clinical details from the front screen, which remembers your viewing preferences :