Medical Wizard for DONs

From pre-admission to post-discharge follow up, we have included features and tools to facilitate an easier and more efficient process. With our customisable data capture options, managing hospital processes becomes simpler and more effective. We have also built management information reports so that the end-of-month reporting is facilitated with the click of a few buttons.

Directors of Nursing Value:

  • Electronic theatre register - easy mouse click operating for nursing and medical staff
  • Ability to track information unique to their theatres
  • Ability to concurrently access patient histories and progress notes for the same patient by multiple clinical and theatre staff
  • Easily capture operation and procedural data whilst the procedure is in progress
  • Automatic ICD Coding within theatre register or via ScribeWiz report writer
  • Reporting on performance of theatre utilisation and detailed analysis of clinical indicators
  • Automatic data capture for compliance reporting including HCP, PHDB and state government requirements
Medical Wizard Apps for DONs

Manage your patients from pre-admission through to post-procedure follow up with our Theatre Management App and advanced clinical management solutions.

  • Clinical EMR/EHR
  • Theatre Management App
  • Compliance and Task Management App
  • Image Capture
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