The patient is the most important person in any medical or healthcare business. In busy medical practices where there are so many processes and procedures happening all the time, we run the risk of losing sight of this important aspect of our business.

This is where our Patient Portal steps in, to help you achieve this with minimal effort. A simple solution that will streamline your communications with your patients in complete confidence and privacy. The Patient Portal will look and feel like your website with your own logo and colour scheme.

What does it do?

Medical Wizard’s Patient Portal goes well beyond the basic electronic admission form service provided by some of the other patient portals. Our Patient Portal provides your patients with the following services.

The ability for your patient to update their details
  • Electronic Registration & Online Admission Form Submission
  • Patients can log in via phones, tablets or computers
The Ability for you to be able to communicate in complete confidence and privacy
  • SMS & Email reminders - uick and immediate communication
  • Preset reminder protocols - setup and forget
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Patients can view all their messages via the portal
access to appointments
the Ability for the patient to view their appointments
  • Patients can view online their past, present and future appointments easily
book appointments
the Ability to book appointments online
  • Patients are empowered to make an appointment request with their preferred practitioner, at the preferred location for a preferred date and time
education and instruction
the Ability for the patient to consume recommended training material
  • Receive Pre or Post operation instructions online
  • Easy access to important health education recommended by the practitioner
the Ability for the patient to provide feedback to you
  • Create your own feedback forms and collect patient feedback at various stages of the patient journey
  • Use the collected data to make meaningful decisions to improve your service to your patients

Our primary design goal has been to allow your patients to communicate easily with you and provide relevant data with minimal effort, while saving your administration overheads and improving the quality of data collected. 

what this means for you

increased patient engagement

Increased patient engagement with greater dialogue and communication.

decreased labour and expenses

The automation of this system allows for a decrease in the workload for your employees, a decrease in postage costs and therefore an overall decrease in expenditure.

ease of operations

Integrations with Medical Wizard systems allows you to streamline your processes.
Medical Wizard does it all.

it is your own portal

Your Fast Check-In patient portal will be accessible from your own website and it will look and feel like your website with your colour scheme, branding and logo. You can also send a link to your Fast Check-in Patient Portal as part of the SMS reminders you send to your patients.  

Your Fast Check-in Patient Portal will look beautiful and work well in all devices be it the patients' smartphone, tablet, iPad and desktop computer.You don’t need to have your entire database online to reap the benefits of the patient portal. In fact, your patient data is never stored on the internet.

it is secure from the ground up

As we work with sensitive patient data, it is vital that the security and safety of your patient data is front and centre of the entire solution. Therefore, we use the latest security technologies in protecting your patient data from start to finish of your patient journey. The data is always encrypted with bank strengthen cryption from the point the patient submits the data from your portal. Your data is always kept within Australia and never shared or accessed by any third parties.

you get high quality data at a low cost

Quality of the data we collect for you is and is a very important factor for you and a critical measure of the success of our service to you. In this regard, we use multiple validations and sensible remedial action suggestions within the portal to collect clean and accurate data wherever possible. We use smart validations,Google address lookup, simple pull-down lists and other such data validation techniques to achieve this. 

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