Medical Wizard Newsletter - Q2 2020

May 14, 2020

MyHealth Record: First Step Completed

Until recently, the primary focus of the MyHealth record system was to get the GPs to use it. As a result, the functionality and content in MyHealth record was heavily geared towards the needs of primary caregivers. Recognising the lack of specialist doctors participation in MyHealth record usage, the Australian government announced a special program for software companies who serve the specialist doctors. As one of the leading software companies providing exclusive solutions to Australian specialist doctors, we were selected to take part in this exclusive program.

We have now successfully completed the first stage of this project, and we are now in the process of integrating MyHealth record functionality in to Medical Wizard with the exclusive focus of specialist doctor requirements.  

We are scheduled to have the system available for our early adopters by the end of August this year.

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Medical Wizard Products

Theatre App: Reduce Clutter, Ease Compliance

For small and medium size private hospitals, meeting the consistently shifting demands of compliance requirements is a major problem. In addition, having a paper based theatre and hospital records creates a bottleneck when it comes to multiple caregivers (such as nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons) wanting to access the same record concurrently, and just creates clutter.

Having to compile compliance and administrative reports from the vast amount of data that is captured on paper forms for each patient is a massive burden on the DON or the CEO, and costs your practice extensive resources that could be better allocated elsewhere.

If you want to optimise your theatre's resource usage, our solution empowers you to:

  • Move your paper based clutter to a tablet / iPad based solution that makes the whole process seamless and efficient.
  • Multiple caregivers can safely work on the same patient records at the same time minimising time wasted waiting for handing over forms.
  • Data captured at each patient level is automatically made available for reporting in aggregate, meeting compliance requirements with minimum effort.
  • Centralised patient data, built in alerts, automatic escalation of events and patient deterioration warnings are some of the key features of this module that can improve patient care and patient safety.


Patient Portal

Patient Portal: Optimising Your Patient Workflow

With an ever changing shift towards cloud based records, there are a few third party "Patient Portal" providers that provides you with basic data entry functionality. However, most of these solutions cannot be customised and fail to factor the multiple dimensions involved in the patient care process at your practice. Our portal covers the whole patient pre-care process. Some of the key benefits of our solution are:

  • We provide you with a custom designed patient portal that seamlessly blends in with your website.
  • Specific functionality and content that is relevant to your practice and speciality.
  • Securely linked to your Medical Wizard system, where the data is captured automatically and seamlessly updates the patient's record, clinical data included.
  • The ability to invite your patients via email or SMS directly from Medical Wizard, and monitoring of the invitations progress to reduce no-shows.
  • Layered with additional customisation options, and exclusively hosted for you to meet your precise requirements.

If you're interested in our Theatre App and/or Patient Portal, feel free to book in a demo with us, or give our solutions team a call on 03 9888 2555 to find out more about these solutions.

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Team News

Team News: Newest Wizard's and Leads

I've had the pleasure of fostering a family oriented work culture, with most of my team being with us for more than 10 years, and many of our former team members going on to have their own success stories, and to this day still working with us in various consulting capacities. I'm proud of working with a team that is as dedicated to our solution and ethos as we are, and we have thoroughly enjoyed growing with them over these years. However, as our team grows, and our solution expands, we've implemented a few structural changes within our team to help better serve you.

  • If you've come through our support desk it's hard not to remember who Dona is (her signature laughter is unforgettable), and with over 10 years of technical know how and a thorough understanding of our product, she will be managing our bright spark support team, and consult in technical matters that arise with the running and delivery of our solution with your IT service providers.
  • Our resident coding wizard and implementation specialist, Indu, will be taking charge of client accounts, new site implementations and any additional module implementations. She's developed many of the products that are used by you, including leading the Clinical Module, which would not have been the feature-rich solution it is now without her work, so you can trust that she knows the inner workings of our product like the back of her hand (we assume she has studied the back of her hand as well as she has her coding).
  • We've also recently welcomed our latest bright spark, Inshi, who is currently going through our training process, and by the end of which will take a more active role in our support desk team as a full fledged support technician.

Over in Sri Lanka...

  • Our project manager at our development and service center, Deepthi, who has more than 20 years of global solutions knowledge, will now lead our growing development teams for web apps and spearhead our total migration to SQL. These projects will play a key part in offering you a more stable and adaptable products, that will make your day to day, and long term journey with us that much more comfortable.
  • We've also added Dilum, who will assist our service desk in technical and setup issues, and give us more robustness in our service offerings.

- Duminda Weerakoon, CEO, Medical Wizard

See You Next Quarter  

That's it for this quarter, we have a lot more happening behind the scenes, and a multitude of projects to both upgrade our current system and provide new solutions to you, our ever valuable users. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, and you are free to reach us during the day on 03 9888 2555, or drop us an email.

We hope you stay safe, and wish you the best of health in these times.