Medical Wizard Newsletter - Summer 20/21

February 23, 2021

From 1st of February 2021, most medications in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Repatriation PBS (RPBS) scheme must be prescribed by their active ingredients rather than their brand name.

We are pleased to announce that we were ready with a comprehensive update to the Medical Wizard prescription writing screen to facilitate this, before the February 1st deadline.

This update is free for all users and will not incur any additional charges.

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Theatre App

Electronic Discharge Summaries (EDS)

As part of the major infrastructure enhancement project we undertook to integrate My Health Record functionality with Medical Wizard,  we have enabled our day hospital clients to produce Electronic Discharge Summaries.

EDS can be uploaded to the patient's My Health Record and shared between the hospital and other health care professionals.

EDS minimises errors that can result from scanning or faxing paper-based discharge summaries.

Very soon, ability to upload Electronic Discharge Summaries will be a mandatory criteria for Day Hospital accreditation. Therefore this new facility in Medical Wizard will become very important for all our Day Surgery clients.


Patient Portal

My Health Record (MHR)

We are pleased to announce that we received My Health Record integration accreditation in December 2020. This integration was the result of over a year of research and development by our Medical Wizard development team.

The all new My Health Record integration within Medical Wizard enables specialists to effortlessly and efficiently download / upload MHR related documents and views for their current patients.

The speed and the seamless nature of our integration of My Health Record functionality into Medical Wizard was recognised and acknowledged by the senior executives of the Australian Digital Health Agency.  


Team News

Online Help Centre

Did you know we have over 250 new knowledge base articles in our Medical Wizard support portal?  We are regularly adding/updating articles to reflect the latest changes in our software. First time users simply need to register with a nominated email address.

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Coming Soon!

Paperless ePrescriptions

No more paper-based prescriptions. With Medical Wizard's ePrescription functionality, doctors can send totally paperless prescriptions to the patients via email or SMS.

We are now in the accreditation testing phase of this project and very close to announcing general availability of this feature as soon as we receive formal approval from the ADHA.  

Tip for this season

How to quickly take a prepayment from the Reception home screen?

1. Search for the patient's upcoming appointment (or even a past appointment will do).

2. Click "Prepay" via the <P>readmission or  <A>dmission tabs

3. Select the Receipt Cashbook.

4. Click "Create Receipt"

5. Enter the payment method, payment amount, close and <Save> receipt as normal.

** Prepayments can now be stored with a description in the Remarks field which can print on the receipt if required. 

See You In Autumn

As always, Team Medical Wizard is constantly working to enhance our software suite to help make things easier so you can get your work done faster. To this end, we hope to bring to you some exciting new products and features in the coming months.

Here are 2 things you can look out for in the next few months.

  • Ability to electronically lodge Work Cover, TAC and NDIS claims and receive payments for these services in real time.
  • A simple but effective browser based Clinical App that enables the doctors to access patient medical records from their phones, iPads and Android tablets.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions so please ring us on 03 9888 2555 during business hours, or drop us an email any time at if you would like to share your thoughts.