Medical Wizard Newsletter - Q3 2020

August 24, 2020
New Web EMR

Building A New Native Web EMR

Australia, it's time for a brand new web based Clinical/Hospital EMR with the added power of an Endoscopy report writer.

We are developing new solutions for Australian medical professionals, hospital managers and nurses to utilise the power of web technology and provide a whole new dimension of functionality. We will deliver the same rich functionality of our current Clinical module via the web while extending it to make it easier and quicker to use than ever before. Our mission is to build an extended ecosystem allowing users to seamlessly manage their consulting and hospital EMR needs using devices that can connect to the Internet.

We have had our fully customised Patient Portal and tablet based Theatre App in use for a few years now. This new development is built on the wealth of experience and feedback we already have and enabled us to realise our goal to deliver a fully integrated, Medical Wizard solution suite accessible from anywhere on any device while maintaining the same rich functionality you are accustomed to with our current product range.

We will keep you updated along our journey, so watch this space. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or perhaps even your own ideas, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Cloud Hosting

Medical Wizard On The Cloud

For those that may have not heard, we have been offering a cloud-hosted version of Medical Wizard for over 2 years now. As it was our first foray into providing cloud based software solutions, we kept it to a limited on-boarding schedule.

One of the main reasons we decided to move into offering this service was the realisation that the upfront cost of buying a server and setting up a complex network infrastructure was a significant barrier to entry for our clients who are trying to preserve their operating capital for business improvements while closely managing their cash flow.

By using the Australian based servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre located in Sydney, we are able to offer our clients a significantly low upfront cost solution that will grow with their business with a cash flow friendly low fixed monthly subscription fee.  

As mentioned before, all data is hosted in Australia at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre located in Sydney, with the highest-levels of security. In addition to this, we have automated comprehensive backup and disaster recovery processes in place to assure the safety of your valuable data.

This enables us to offer you a 99.9% up time and a less than 10 minute downtimes in rare events of minor service interruptions. Even in a major emergency such as a complete server failures (which we have not had a single instance of as yet), we are able to get you back up and running in less than 2 hours.

We are an official partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the largest cloud providers in the world, and is presently used by most Australian Government services and large Australian corporations.

We will be glad to look into your existing infrastructure and cost benefit analysis of our cloud hosted Medical Wizard solution compared to an on premises solution. We will give you a fixed price quotation, and manage the entire cloud migration process with the least impact on your teams time.

If you're interested want to know more about our cloud hosted Medical Wizard solution, please contact us, either by replying back on this email or calling us on 03 9888 2555.



New Screens For Ophthalmologists and Eye Surgeons

Our Clinical Module has had a few new features added. Here are some of the key new updates:

  • A new tech screen enables Ophthalmologists to type in the eye measurements and comments into specific fields.
  • Our new Eye Surgeons screen allows the doctors to quickly type in comments to specific parts of the eye (cornea, fundus, lens etc). This also allows the surgeons to simply click one checkbox to mark if something is normal.
  • A more flexible and integrated view of these observations are available in the clinical notes.

If you want to know about these new features, and set up a time to update your Clinical to the latest version, reach out to our support team.


Dev Team

My Health Record In September

Progress on our integration with My Health Record is going smoothly, and we have now reached final stage of acceptance testing with the Australian Digital Health Agency. We will be ready to deploy My Health record functionality to our clients beginning in September.

We have also expanded our network of consultants who provide us with their expertise in cloud hosting, digital marketing, healthcare, and customer experience, to ensure that we are driving ourselves in the right direction holistically.

Our team is getting stronger and larger. However, like all other businesses, 2020 has been a tough year. Despite this, we have managed to bring in new strategic clients, and steamed ahead with the My Health Record integration project and the new Web Based Clinical App development project.

We have also managed to continue our support services safely by enabling all our staff to work from home. We would like to assure you that we are actively working on improving our support services (if you love your social media, you can now contact us from Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM's), and pushing in the resources to ensure our new solutions meet the release deadlines we have set out.  

Looking Ahead To Q4 2020

We will have the My Health Record functionality ready to launch in September and some of the Clinical module enhancements we are working at the moment will be available in early October.  

While we were hoping to launch our workshops this quarter, due to the return of COVID-19, and existing restrictions, hosting such events in a physical space is not impossible. Therefore, we are looking at conducting these workshops online. We will keep you updated on this and let you know when these workshops will begin, and what they will contain. If you have any particular requests for subject matter, please send us an email. We are all ears.

See you next quarter.

Thank you, and stay safe.