But Wait...

March 5, 2019

OK, so you’ve found the best Practice Management/EMR solution for you. BUT WAIT, there is a next step to consider.

Even if the product meets and exceeds all your expectations, you still need to consider one more important step before you go ahead.

You must make sure your existing data is safely and properly converted/migrated to the new software so that you can continue to look after your patients without having to switch between two systems or waste hours and hours in transferring data manually.

Just like with any service, data migration also needs to be performed with precision and care. There are companies who take great care and effort in doing the migration of data properly and comprehensively. However, there are other companies who simply migrate your basic patient demographic data and expect you to figure out the rest.

It pays to ask the question “exactly what data do you convert?” and get them to give you an itemized list, which should not only have patient demographics but also all the important clinical data such as previous letters and scans, all progress notes, vitals, pathology & radiology results.