Be Aware When Selecting Cloud Based Software Solutions

February 18, 2019

Be Aware - when selecting a Cloud based Medical Practice Management and Clinical software solution:

Recent interest in cloud technology has brought in some new companies offering cloud based Medical Practice Management and Clinical software solutions. While this increases the choices available for the Medical Practices, you need to be aware of the decisions you make.

Medical Practice Management and Clinical software solutions are complex systems that require significant development and testing, prior to them being ready to be used in production. It would be prudent to check the history and reputation of the product and/or service you are going to buy, prior to making the decision to sign up.

It is also important to find out how long the supplier has been in business. Considering many start-ups and small businesses fail to last for more than a few years in business, the decision to put your most important asset, your patient and referral data, with a company that may not be around in few years can spell significant disruption to your practice and your future.

Further, you should find out how you can access your data in the case that things don’t work out with the supplier or if you decide to select a different solution provider. If they do not publish this information on their website, you should follow up as it maybe too late to discuss this after you have started using the service.

It is important to look past showy marketing and cheap monthly subscriptions, to see for yourself if the product and/or service meets your requirements and the company behind the product and service is reliable and stable. The due diligence process is an imperative step in selecting the correct Medical Practice Management and Clinical software solution for your practice.